Meals are served in the dining-gallery.

We mix our breakfasts with cottage cheese with chives, parsley, thyme and a plate of cheeses, regional meats, eggs straight from the shed, homemade preserves and fresh fragrant bread.

In the evening, we serve three-course warm dinners by candlelight.

Our specialties:

Kozina from the oven in herbs, delicately prepared fish from nearby lakes, venison dishes, duck and goose in Jakubowsko, ordinary minced chops, soup from wild sorrel collected in surrounding meadows, mushroom soup, chanterelle, cabbage soup with own sauerkraut, krupnik, young beetroot beetroot with leaves straight from the garden, zucchini soup, pumpkin soup and a varied vegetarian cuisine: incl. we make pesto of rocket, basil, walnuts, spaghetti with nettle, feta and sun-dried tomatoes, cauliflower in cake ……

Every day, we serve compositions of fresh lettuce straight from the garden. 

Finish the evening meal with a dessert: homemade sorbet, fresh cake, yogurt or fruit.

At noon, you can read the daily press with a good freshly ground smelling coffee. And in the afternoon on the sun-warmed stone patio, we serve tea made of fresh mint. During cold evenings, you can warm up by the fireplace or around the campfire.