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Whey diet

The whey is the healthiest of dairy products. Rich in a variety of nutrients, also exhibiting the properties of health resorts. It is created as a result of separation of fat and curd material from milk. The whey diet is most often supplemented and enriched with juices from fresh plants (nettle, yarrow, dandelion, wormwood). Whey treatment lasts from a few days to four weeks. The daily dose of whey should be 300-600 grams. The first portion of whey should be drunk in the morning and the rest during the day in several doses. Whey therapy should be focused on one goal, for example, cleaning the body. It should also start from it when you want to change your diet, for example. The main field of whey application is the treatment of gastrointestinal tract diseases. The drink has a very beneficial effect on the bacterial flora: acid and lactic acid accumulate in the lower part of the intestine making its environment slightly acidic. The acidic environment promotes the proliferation of beneficial bacteria of the intestines and putrefactive bacteria, which neutralize harmful products of decay. This condition in turn has a beneficial effect on the liver and the entire digestive system. Whey therapy works regulating the cardiovascular system, especially in people with hypertension. High content of mineral substances, mainly potassium and calcium, soothes the nervous system. Both the internal and external use of whey relieves the symptoms of chronic skin diseases. Whey can also be used to treat such diseases as: hemorrhoids, rheumatism, digestive disorders, gout, skin dermatological diseases. The drink contains many valuable nutrients and has a very beneficial physiological effect, making it possible to use it in the treatment of various ailments. 1 liter of whey contains: -Protein 8.0g -Lancer milk juice 46.0g -Sodium 0.4g-Calcium 0.7g -Potas 5.0g-Fat 2.0g

Oat straw

Oats are an annual plant. In medicine, oatmeal straw and pain in rheumatic diseases are used. Oat straw has a wonderful effect on the condition of the skin, hair and nails. Oat herb and straw contain carbohydrates, saponin and mineral salts, abundant in silica. Tincture of oat herb and alcohol has an anti-depressant effect. Aquatic oat extracts have analgesic properties in rheumatic diseases, urolithiasis and kidney diseases. In addition, they are a good mineralizing agent, rich in water-soluble silica, positively affecting the metabolism, the condition of blood vessels, internal organs, bones, skin, hair and nails. Oat straw has the effect of strengthening the nervous system, especially in insomnia, nervous exhaustion and epilepsy. Baths in decoction of oat straw have beneficial effects in arthritis, rheumatic disease, kidney stones and kidney diseases. Bath made of straw extract causes that: your skin becomes soft and silky perfectly cleanses and smoothes soothes skin problems (eg psoriasis) soothes and is also used in neuroses and insomnia Our ecologically clean oat straw will allow you to change your daily bath into a relaxing ritual!

Bath in milk or whey

The use of milk or whey in the bath is a great way to nourish the skin of the whole body. Thanks to milk baths, the skin becomes smooth, soft and delicate. Milk baths are one of the oldest methods of care that relax the body and mind. 
Proteins, vitamins and fats contained in milk soothe irritations, moisturize and oil. The milk contains lactic acid – natural AHA exfoliating the epidermis. The milk bath flexes the skin and stimulates it to produce collagen. Milk moisturizes, smoothes, protects and relieves dry skin. It is suitable for the care of all skin types. 
You can take baths in goat milk as often as you like. However, such treatments can be intensified especially in the summer after sunbathing. Indications for bathing in milk are m.in.
 – excessively dry skin, – irritated skin, – rough skin, – skin prone to breaking, – skin prone to flaking, – skin thin, – skin covered with a network of shallow wrinkles

Bee honey has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and renewing properties, easily penetrates the skin, providing energizing ingredients, has anti-inflammatory properties and improves wound healing, thanks to the hydrogen peroxide is an effective germicide.

Baths in the hay

The smell of cut grass and herbs is a real gift of nature for overworked, tired and neurotic people. Beneficial effects can also be used in bathing. Hay has anti-inflammatory and mineralizing properties, improves joint mobility and prevents muscle spasms. Relieves pain very effectively; wraps are called morphine of natural medicine. Among the grasses you will also find many herbs – nuns, clover, valerian, chamomile, mint, thyme, nettle – not only nicely scented, but also calming and healing. Baths that relax, relax, calming and relieve pain, increase blood circulation and stimulate metabolism. Current scientific studies have shown that bathing in hay helps with joint disease, sciatica, rheumatism and stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Also, hay is a good skin care product. The bath in hay is also used as an anti-cellulite treatment and reduces local fatness. It is also an excellent cleansing treatment used for indigestion and diseases of the excretory system. Before applying, the hay is immersed in a bath of hot water at a temperature of about 40 degrees. The person who wants to take a bath is immersed in the hay. The fermentation process begins and the essential oils are released – at this point the hay flowers begin to produce a positive effect on the body … For the treatment to have the desired effect, it is recommended to take full baths every other day for 4 weeks. Then there should be a longer time gap. Baths with herbs should last about 15 minutes in water at a temperature of about 39 ° C,